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    On-line catalogue for importers and professional buyers

    ChiangMai-Online is glad to announce that our buying agent team is now putting buyers around the world in direct contact with the resin figurines and statues factories of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Your shop no longer has to buy from wholesalers as we have listed the factory prices together with the pictures. We have presented all of the designs available but you can also send us your own designs as well. Please click the buttons on the left to view the latest items of our on-line catalogue by categories...

    Please click the links below to view a presentation of available items by categories...

    Animal Figurines Evoking strength or grace, our resin animal figurines provide an elegant touch of décor indoors or outdoors. Available for export wholesale, our wide array of wild creatures make fine decorative items and are skillfully crafted to be weatherproof and durable.(...)
    Balinese Figurines Representing both the artistic and cultural life of Bali, these resin-cast figurines make elegant decorations for outdoor patios or gardens as well as a handsome interior design accent. Available in wholesale, our variety of all-season weatherproof statues depict graceful abstracts or refined traditional headpieces.(...)
    Buddha Figurines Statues and figurines of the Lord Buddha are a central part of worship in the Buddhist religion and they come in many different symbolic forms. These Buddha statues and figurines are suitable as decorative items or for genuine religious representation.(...)
    Chinese Figurines Traditional Chinese figurines and statues are an excellent tribute to the rich, cultural heritage of "The Middle Kingdom." These Chinese figurines can be purchased in wholesale orders. They make excellent decorative pieces, and serve as reminders of the varied philosophy, wisdom, and paradox of ancient China.(...)
    Dragon Figurines Statues, depictions, and figurines of the Chinese dragon have long been auspicious symbols of power and prosperity in Chinese culture, stemming from ancient art and folklore. These Dragon figurines are available as wholesale. The beautifully-crafted statues represent centuries of culture and tradition, well-suited for decorative purposes and auspicious displays.(...)
    Egyptian Figurines Statues and figurines depicting ancient Egypt are a staple icon in the collective consciousness of the modern world. They reflect a marvellous, ancient society still relevant both as a science and as a celebration of human history. These statues make excellent decorations and have been skillfully rendered to match a wide spectrum of ancient Egyptian images.(...)
    Elephant Figurines Elephants have always played an integral part in Thailand's culture and history. All of the Thai kings which ruled the country in the past all had their own stables with white elephants. Thailand produces many beautiful elephant figurines and these are available in wholesale.(...)
    Erotic Figurines Erotic figurines are well known in Thai society and often serve different purposes. Three characteristic features in Thai philosophy are sanuk, sabay and suay. In English it means something like having fun, feeling comfortable and admiring beauty.(...)
    Framed Figurines The framed figurines here come in many different symbolic forms. Each of the frames is truly a brilliant piece of art made by genuine specialists. All the framed figurines were made in Thailand with high quality standards. They come in many different styles (...)
    Indian Figurines Figurines and statues of Indian figures, deities and animals are very popular and come in a variety of symbolic forms at reasonable prices. Indian figurines are available wholesale and are largely used as decorative items for the home or various outdoor bars and restaurants. (...)
    Key Chains Key chain figurines of various descriptions are incredibly popular and a great way to express your individuality. These Key chain figurines and miniature statues designed especially for use as key chains are available in wholesale.(...)
    Native American Figurines Statues and figurines of the Native Americans come in a variety of castings that represent the way the Indians looked in day to day life and when wearing full battle attire. These native American figurines are available wholesale and are utilized as general decorative items. (...)
    Religious Figurines Religious figurines of the Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ and other noted religions are available wholesale or from us. Each casting has been skillfully reproduced and looks good both as decorative items and for religious representation.(...)
    Thai Figurines Thai figurines come in many shapes and forms representing the diverse Thai culture and Buddhist religion. These Thai statues are especially attractive to purchasers of wholesale products as they are manufactured in the kingdom of Thailand ready for export. Best used as decorative items, the Thai figurines are available in a variety of themes. (...)

    Our buying agent team is run by Carmel JAFARI, who has many years of experience in price negotiation, having grown up with Chiang Mai's Night Bazaar (the wellknown local market). Carmel is a graduate of the Chiang Mai International School and Chiang Mai University where he majored in Mass Communication. He also participates in the management of his family's jewelry and buying agency business.
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